Bid For Love (2022)
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Bid For Love (2022)

Bid For Love (2022)

Watch Bid For Love (2022) Full Movie online 123Movies. Bid For Love (2022) 123movies.

Watch Bid For Love full movie online 123Movies.Bid For Love 123movies Watch free online After being injured and doing a bid in prison due to Memphis, her former drug trafficking boyfriend, Sasha comes out into the arms of Malik. Malik spoils her with gifts and gets her a job at his real estate office. However, Malik constantly uses his gifts and her past against her to keep her in his grasp. A love struck Sasha falls head over heels for Malik who slowly attempts to alienate her from her close ones and secretly plots against her. Her therapist and unexpected new friends opens her eyes to her history of relationships and gives her advice on how to deal with them and getting her life back.


Duration: 81 min


IMDb: 7.5